Which type of communication do you prefer?

Nowadays it is prevalent to message someone instead of calling. The tendency to communicate through the screens of our telephones, laptops, etc. has been increasing even among the youngest of the population. The way I see it that is not authentic communication and this is why I prefer calling and face-to-face conversations to emails and voicemails.

The paramount reason to why I prefer communicating by talking to texting is because, to my mind, that is not genuine communication. To me, it does not feel like the real thing, aka talking, if I text someone and while for the shy person I am, seems better to text, I still prefer talking to others.
 Amongst the reasons why people may prefer texting is because they feel uncomfortable or want to avoid any awkward situations.

 However, if you feel uncomfortable talking to someone you would feel the same way even while you are texting. Furthermore, awkward situations are inevitable. It is simply not possible to avoid them because the awkward pauses are not the only problem. In general, the sole thing that could feasibly bring them about is we. Even though we have time to form the correct way to write something that does not stop us from sending it to the wrong person. Thus, forming an uncomfortable situation just as you would have if you have said something inappropriate. While you can explain yourself in both situations, the massage will stay and the inappropriate thing you said will be forgotten. So, which one is better?

Let us not forget that when you email or voicemail a person he might decide to ignore you or to forget to answer. In the end you will feel bad. On the other hand, if you walk to them in person, they will be polite and respond to you and there is no way to forget to do so. 

To sum up, I believe that it is better to communicate by telephone and face-to-face than by emails or voicemails because I think that this is not an actual way of communication. Besides, if you feel uncomfortable talking to people you would feel somewhat the same way while texting and it is better at least to authentically talk with the others.

Автор: Теодора Георгиева