People should sometimes do things they do not enjoy doing

It is important to enjoy the things we do, but there are moments when it is simply not possible. In my opinion, people should occasionally do things they do not enjoy for reasons like building character and making money.

To begin with, getting out of your comfort zone and doing something you do not enjoy can help build your character. Opening yourself to new things that you think you would not like or you are scared to tr, might prove you that you enjoy these things and there is nothing to be afraid of. Thus, turning something you hate into something satisfying.

Secondly, people say that you should make your hobby or the things you enjoy doing your profession and you will be happy. However, that is not the case for most of the population. Many work only for the financial stability and cannot pursue their hobbies because of their job. This could make them feel miserable but it is preferred to barely meeting the ends. Furthermore, if your hobby is your work you may not feel as happy as you think because of financial problems and sequentially you will start working something you do not actually enjoy.

Last but not least, if you do not enjoy studying, for example, and you decide that you would not study because it does not make you feel happy, then you would fail at school and your parents would be angry with you. This example shows that not doing things we would not want to do can be harmful to us and would not be helpful in the long run.
To summarize, you should do the things you enjoy but occasionally you should also do things you do not because this could prove beneficial for you in terms of personal and professional growth. To my mind, it is integral to get out of our comfort zones and try doing things we do not necessarily enjoy for a change.

Автор: Теодора Георгиева