Hello, October!



It's October, 
and it has rained all morning,
I am drinking tea,                                                                                      

sitting on my couch.

Falling leaves are covering
the backyard,
but yet again
the sun is shining bright
and makes me feel
like an orange butterfly.

The scenery is filled with
lonely trees
and their orange yellow leaves 
are creating art.

Виктория Нешева, 11 б клас 

 October is the season of joy.
It's the season of falling leaves, 
and everyone around me
is just envious
because of my birthday gift.

Радостина Гергинова, 11 б клас 

October is one of the fall months. The weather is cloudy or sometimes it’s just rainy, but often the sun opens his eyes and then everything looks amazing. The beautiful leaves of the trees are blessing us with their colours, the green grass changes to yellow or orange. Octobers can gift us Indian summer sometimes. It’s fun and beautiful outside. October pumpkin patches smile back at the sky with an orange glow.

Ана-Мария Николова, 11 б клас 


It was October,
the leaves were falling,
as I fell for you,
again and again.

A new start,
that offers to change my life forever,
but I choose to make the same mistake-                      to fall for you

I'm sensing sadness in the air.
Maybe it’s October.

Велислав Петров, 11 а клас